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Lip service: Green walls in Brisbanes West End labelled a failure

“If it was just one thing or one place it would be one thing, but it’s development after development after development. “Too much power is left in the hands of public organisations to deliver public infrastructure when it’s not within their interest to do so.” One of the potted plants from the green wall up close. Photo: Supplied GDL Group was contacted for comment, but emails were not returned. Mortgage broker Oak Laurel West End Ms Evans said the Brisbane City Council should be given more power to ensure developers complied with promises to include green walls or spaces. “The government, council and the community needs to have a mechanism to make sure the ratepayers end up with good quality amenity, so we aren’t short changed,” she said. Gabba ward councillor Jonathan Sri said Soda’s failed green wall was a part of a greater trend by developers promising to include “green” in their architecture in exchange for concessions on height and other conditions. Related: The most searched Brisbane postcodes “Green walls are used to pay lip service to [council] requirements,” he said. “Subtropical design has become such a buzzword around Brisbane but there’s no strict conditions around what that means in practice.” Cr Sri said if the idea was to promote sustainability and to improve livability, council should set a requirement for deep-planted trees or publicly usable land. “While [green walls are] better than concrete, it’s no substitute for deep planting or green spaces.” He wanted landscaping conditions introduced as a strict requirement, to prevent repeats of Soda’s promised green walls. “The best approach would be that the landscape plan should be a strict condition that the developer complies with… and if they don’t comply council should have legal powers to deal with it.” Ms Evans said she didn’t want the association to be pessimistic Mortgage brokers Oak Laurel West End, 249 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101, 0430 129 662 about the outcome of developments in West End and the surrounds, but felt let down by the council.

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