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Single, atheist and making money: How Brisbane compares

Brisbane is also home to a higher percentage of migrants compared with the rest of the state.  In Brisbane, 30.62 per cent of people were born overseas, compared with 23 per cent in the rest of south-east Queensland and 12.8 per cent in the rest of Queensland. The census also revealed 22.39 per cent of people spoke a language other than English at home in Brisbane,compared with 9.7 per cent in the rest of south-east Queensland and 7 per cent in the rest of Queensland. In terms of religion, 50.22 per cent of Brisbane people described themselves as Christian, compared with 55.56 per cent in the rest of south-east Queensland and 61.08 per cent in the rest of Queensland. At the same time, almost one in three Brisbane people reported they had "no Mortgage broker Oak Laurel West End religion" - a higher percentage than in the rest of the state. And there are more unwed people in Brisbane - two in five Brisbane people had never married, compared with about one-third in SEQ and the rest of Queensland. The median age in Brisbane was 35, compared with 38 in the rest of SEQ and 39 in the rest of Queensland. In terms of how Brisbane stacks up against the nation: Brisbane median family income was $2091 vs Australia at $1734; Brisbane never married was 40.02 Mortgage broker Brisbane CBD important site per cent vs 35.03 per cent Australia; and Brisbane "no religion" 31.61 per cent vs 29.63 per cent Australia. Meanwhile, the data reveals Brisbane women are bearing the brunt of household chores. Men were more likely to do less than five hours than women, whereas more women were doing more hours. When you look at the gender break down for each time category, the slice of pie gets larger for women as the time rises.  If you were to find a group of Brisbane people who did 30 hours or more unpaid domestic work per week, about 81 per cent of them would be women.

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